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We're here to help you move past your own status quo.

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I want to thank you for taking a few minutes to stop by. Whether you're a practicing physiotherapist, a physiotherapy student, internationally trained physiotherapist in Canada, you've come to the right place.

I'm a big believer that each one of us can bring insight and value to the discussion. Rather than relying on a few chosen gurus, I believe that coming together to share, question, learn and grow can help us to reflect on our own practice and challenge us in new ways.

Ever since I started working on ignitephysio over 5 years ago, it’s been my passion to create a platform that will help inspire, educate and connect physiotherapists from across the country. Our mission is pretty simple: it’s to help make your growth and development as a physiotherapist a little easier. It's easy to get stuck in our own silos and ignitephysio gives you many different ways to break out of own isolation.

This platform has been designed to make it easy to use, even if you don't feel comfortable with technology. If you’ve used Facebook, you’ll find yourself at home pretty easily. I’m confident that ignitephysio will be a game changer in your own professional development. Rather than using Google to help fill in the knowledge gaps, you have a community you can turn to and support. It’s a faster and more powerful way to help you give better care to your patients.

I hope you take a few seconds to sign-up and join our community.


Andrew Koppejan

About the Founder

ignitephysio was started by Andrew Koppejan, a physiotherapist in Edmonton, Alberta. Having practiced in both hospital and clinic environments, Andrew brings an in-the-trenches perspective to his writing and work. Coupled with a comprehensive background in business and marketing, Andrew is passionate about elevating the role and value of physiotherapy within the broader Canadian landscape.

Andrew continues to practice clinically while managing ignitephysio. His clinic website can be found here at andrewthephysio.com.