As physiotherapists we have access to more information, now more than ever, to improve our skills and clinical practice. 

   From in-person to online courses… 

   To consuming content on Instagram and Twitter….

   To Facebook Groups and Linkedin...

   To ignitephysio 😀

But here’s the rub. 

All of this information doesn’t actually help us make changes in our clinical practice. 

And I’ve been thinking of different ways to help change that for our ignitephysio community. 

That’s why I’m excited to announce a way for you to elevate your clinical practice that is completely FREE! 

We’re going to be doing a 30 day challenge together as a community and I hope you can join me! 

This 30 day challenge will start on February 29. Its goal is to help you breathe new life into your practice and career. And I’ve designed it to help move you out of your shell and get you making changes to your practice.

Regardless of where you’re at in your career right now, I think you’ll get a huge amount of value from this. 

If you’re a new grad: You’ll get challenges that will help you avoid burnout, improve your communication skills and get better at helping patients who are dealing with persistent pain. 

If you’ve been practicing awhile: The challenges will help you take concrete steps to introduce new strategies and skills into your practice and have the opportunity to connect with other therapists in live group calls. 

Plus, we’ll be doing 4 prize draws for a $30 Amazon Gift Card for challenge participants who achieve a certain point level (see below for more details!)

How does the challenge work? 

Each weekend you’ll get an email with your weekly challenge with a video from me about the challenge topic. You’ll then have specific challenge action steps to complete for each week. And to help with your growth, we’ll be having a live group call each week to have the opportunity to debrief and learn together! 

We’re going to be covering four key topics over the 30 day challenge. These challenges will help you as a therapist, will help you with your challenges and improve your impact with patients. It’s going to be awesome! 

Here are some of things you’ll learn during this challenge:

  • What to do everyday that will help you reset after any stressful clinic day
  • How to make clinical case reviews more meaningful and easier to do
  • Why this one skill will improve your patient connection more than anything else
  • A 3 step process for making significant mindset shifts in patients with chronic pain

Plus, as I said before, it’s not just about more information. It’s about change. 

This is why each week you’ll get clear action steps, a short challenge video, opportunity to share your experiences within the ignite forum and participate in our live group challenge calls! 

How to Be Entered for our 30 Day Challenge Prize Draw

To help support taking action, we’re adding prize draws to add extra incentive! 

  • Posting a response in the weekly group thread on ignite forum: 2 points
  • Attending the weekly live group call: 4 points  
  • Posting a case reflection question in the ignite forum: 3 points

Everyone who gets over 20 points over the course of the challenge will be entered into our prize draw. What that means is that jumping into the discussion forum once a week and attending the weekly live event will get you into the running!  (Please note only one prize draw will be awarded per participant.)

How do I Join the Challenge?

Just click this link and a box will pop up where you can enter your name and email address in the form below! 

Please make sure that you use the email you use to access ignitephysio. And if you're not an ignitephysio member make sure to join our community first! 

Any questions at all? Just send an email to