For this week’s challenge I want to us to take a look at goal setting with our patients. In our practice it’s easy to gloss over digging into our patient’s goals.

Turn on CC to get closed captioning and watch the video without sound.

From my own experience, it’s easy to assume that we already know what our patient goals are from the rest of our patient’s story, but glossing over these things can be to our detriment as clinicians’ because we’re missing what motivates our patients. Getting rid of pain, addressing a stiff joint or getting to the source of a chronic headache isn’t really the goal-there’s something more. It’s what addressing that will help them to do.

In my conversations with seasoned clinicians this past summer they highlighted how we need to avoid glossing over patient goals and I couldn’t agree more.  

We need to be ok to spend a little time in this area of our history taking. We need to dig into this and just listen. Allow there to be some silence. And don’t be afraid to ask why a few times to dig deeper. Getting to our patient’s why will help us tap into what fuels our patients to stay committed and motivated and get the results they came to us for.

This is my challenge to you this week: dig in and spend more time that you usually do understanding your patient goals. Hold off on assuming that you know what they are and instead delve into the why of your patient. Understand what drives them and don’t be satisfied with the standard goals that we can default to.

Question for you: Do you know your patient's goals and what motivates them for success?  

I hope you enjoyed this little challenge. Stay tuned for next week where I'm going to share another tip and challenge to help you connect with your patients and build your caseload. 

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