How IgnitePhysio Works

Understand How Our Community Q&A System Works

We’ve built our Q&A system from the ground up to make it easy for you to ask your questions and share your knowledge with other physiotherapists on the site. Whatever your comfort level, we’ve focused on a simple, easy-to-use system that helps you in your practice.

Read below for more detail about the specific features of our Q&A system and how you can get the most from it.

Ask a question

You’ve got a burning question that you’d like answered, but formulating your question with clarity can be challenging. Our system helps you formulate your question and gives you an opportunity to provide the needed context for the community. Easily tag your question with the relevant topics. This helps give key contextual information about your question and makes it easy for people to find your question in the future.

Answer a question

We’re big believers that every physiotherapist has valuable knowledge, skills and experience to share with the community. Don’t be shy to answer questions. Your perspective will help spur the conversation and learning by the whole community. Easily add bullet points, bolding and website links to help organize your answers and make reading your answer a pleasure for everyone.


We want to make sure that it’s easy for the best answers to be promoted and highlighted within the community. By up-voting or down-voting an answer you’re sharing your thoughts about the quality of the answer. But don’t worry, we don’t want anyone’s feelings hurt so no one can see how you voted.

Resolve a question

When you ask a question, just relax. The answers will start rolling in and you can ask for clarification by commenting on an answer. As well, if you feel your question has been answered, don’t hesitate to mark it as resolved. This will let other members know that you’re happy with their answer.

If a question has been answered, but you’d still like to provide your input, don’t worry. You can still provide your answer to an answered question.

Favourite a question

Sometimes we’ll come across a question that you’d love to follow and stay connected with. You’re in luck because you can “favourite” a question and stay connected to everything that happens with that.


When become active on the site you’ll want to stay current with everything that’s going on. We’ve created a notification system that allows you to quickly see what’s happened since your last log-in. If you’re comfortable with Facebook, you’ll like your notification system on ignitephysio as well. Combine this with your personalized content dashboard and you’ll be connected with everything that matters to you.


Sometimes it can be scary asking and answering questions among peers. We get that and that’s why you’re free to ask a question anonymously. And when answering questions you can adjust the amount of your profile detail shown to the community by making easy changes on your profile page.

Privacy & Security

At IgnitePhysio we take security and privacy seriously. Only logged in members can view your question details. (We do want to let you know that your question titles can be shared across social media and can be viewable by non-registered visitors.) We’re actively monitoring the site to make sure everyone is being helpful and respectful because bullies are no fun and not welcome here!