Subscribing to the ignitephysio Podcast

How to Subscribe to the ignitephysio Podcast

The ignitephysio podcast focuses on helping Canadian physiotherapists in their clinical practice and career.

Our goal with this podcast is to:

  • Bring you interesting interviews with thought leaders in our profession
  • Give you short and sweet research roundups of recent PT research
  • Equip you with knowledge and tools to help you in your practice and your career.

How to Subscribe Using iTunes

1. Click here to open up the ignitephysio podcast in iTunes

(If that link takes you to a webpage instead of iTunes click the blue "View in iTunes" button.)

2. Then click "Subscribe"

Give Your Review

We would love it when you review the ignitephysio show-it helps us get better and helps other physiotherapists find the show.

1. Click this link to open up the ignitephysio podcast in iTunes. Note: if that link takes you to another webpage, click the blue "View in iTunes" button.

2. Click the "Ratings & Reviews" tab.

3. Click the "Write a Review" button and enter your review. (Be sure to include the stars on the right of the title of your review. We love a lot of stars! :)

Here's a helpful video we found that walks you through some of the details.

Thank you so much for being a part of this experience and your support of ignitephysio!